About Us

Welcome! I am Ryann (the girl) and he is Ian (the guy). We are a couple of enthusiastic and admittedly inexperienced DIYers who are renovating a 60 year old cape cod style house together.

We love taking before and after pictures of our progress. They are a great reminder when you are laying on the couch of all that you went through and appreciate every relaxing moment. We look around the room and remember when we didn't even have a couch to sit on. When we were eating out of takeout boxes on the floor tired and covered in paint...  

Read more about the beginning.  

There are ups and there are certainly downs along the way, but we learning so much about the house, and each other in the process.

We are literally building a life together in this house.

How many couples can lay in bed looking around the room thinking about the time when they were hanging drywall together in that very same master bedroom...we can...well most of it. We are actually terrible at hanging drywall.
DIYers...know when NOT to do it yourself!

There is so much about this process worth remembering, not just the before and after pictures. We decided to chronicle our journey, and the transformation of this house for our own benefit. If we happen to inspire, motivate or amuse you along the way...well that is certainly a bonus! So be sure to check back often to catch up on all of our projects.

We have a lot of work ahead of us!

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