The Kitchen

As of now, the kitchen is last on the list. Although it is extremely outdated and the layout is less than ideal, everything works. So it will just have to do for now until we make room in the budget and decide exactly what we want to do in there.

We are saving the best for last!

The Plan...
The cabinets are solid wood and in excellent shape. We are going to take them down and use them in a new layout. With a little bit of paint and new hardware, they will look brand new!

See that square on the wall?
That is a pullout toaster. Yup. You can toast your bread in the wall, and it works! It's coming out. That is where we are planning to put the stove with a microwave above. We will install new counters with more depth. The island will be freestanding in the center. Ian is thinking about going with a butcher block counter for the island. The island will be a
different finish or color than that cabinet.

 You may be wondering where the refrigerator is...
See that doorway in the corner? That is the   

You may be You may be wondering where the refrigerator is...See that doorway in the corner? That is the laundry/mudroom and...the refrigerator room? Yup. So not only do I have to walk around the stove to get to the fridge, I have to walk into a whole other room. Less than ideal.

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