Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Wicker Redo

I've showed you the before pictures of the house, now it is time to get to the good stuff...all of the projects we have been working on. Some projects have taken a day to complete, some a week, a month and some are still going and will be for a long time. Let's just say we have a lot of eggs in our basket!

The first project that I began tackling was the search for outdoor furniture. Most of you would probably focus on completing more practical projects like maybe the unfinished bathroom...well we're getting to that part. We needed somewhere to relax and enjoy the wonderful yard while working on the inside. Sitting outside reminds me of some of my favorite conversations with my father and stepmother. Anytime I visit them from around April to late September or October you will find them on the porch. It's a great place to visit and chat with one another.

So when Ian's Mom so generously offered us their old set of wicker patio furniture, we jumped on it! Although the set was a little faded, everything was still in pretty good condition. She gave us enough to furnish the deck and the covered patio...2 settees, 2 tables and 6 chairs (2 rocking). Clearly we were very lucky and appreciated their hand-me-downs because we all know what this would have cost us had we purchased new patio and deck furniture. 

With a little paint and new cushions, they looked good as new!

I am currently still searching for cushions for the set we placed on the deck. The cushions pictured above were found very inexpensively at the Christmas Tree Shop.
We love sitting out on the covered patio, especially during a thunderstorm. I cannot wait until next year when we can actually fill the porch with hanging baskets and flower pots (we're skipping all of that this year).


  1. Hi! I'm following you on twitter and just now came over to your blog, but can't find your Followers gadget. Anyway, LOVE the black re-do, and the color choice for the cushions. It looks great, esp with the fresh green grass! Nice Job!

  2. Magnificent transformation! The after image is what we can say as "timeless." Literally, the color and its made can last for longer years. Wicker furniture are also durable and have high tolerant against all types of weather.