Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Splendor

We recently took a little break from the house and all of the projects to enjoy some summer activities...finally. We have been so busy moving and renovating that we haven't really taken part in any of the typical warm weather fun. Until this past weekend. My Stepmother asked if we wanted to spend a day on their new pontoon boat. Although Ian and I had a Sunday filled with tasks around the house planned, we jumped on the idea. I felt a little guilty thinking we really shouldn't be wasting a day. That all went away as soon as we hit the water. We desperately needed a day to relax and enjoy ourselves. Of course we talked about the house and our current or upcoming projects...but we did so while floating on rafts with a drink in our hand.

Definitely NOT a day wasted. Ian and I felt so relaxed. Admittedly something we had not felt in some time. We spend most of our days working somewhat stressful jobs, then coming home to work a few hours on the house. Most weekends are spent making several trips to Home Depot and Lowes, painting furniture, mowing the grass...etc.

Something to always remember...
Although we enjoy doing things ourselves and getting our hands dirty, we realize that taking a break is as much of a necessity as finishing the bathroom. Not only taking a break, but taking the time to do something fun! Ian and I immediately felt the difference within ourselves and how we were relating to one another after a day spent in the water with family. Reminding ourselves that the house will always be here, what comes first is us. None of this matters if we don't take care of ourselves.  
We're building a life together...not just a house.

On Wednesday we are leaving for our long awaited summer vacation. Then we'll get back to work :-)

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